dot by dot, color by color

An ambassador for children’s rights

In order to support the work of the World Childhood Foundation, we are making use of a figurine famous throughout the world: the Eleven Dot Angel. This angel is really special: for the first time in its history of more than 100 years it has eleven different colored dots on its green wings instead of the traditional eleven white dots. With this color variation we are incorporating one of the Foundation’s central design elements as a visible sign of our shared values. The angel carries a candle in its hand. Its light is a sign of hope and warmth.

A powerful “cock-a-doodle-doo”

The creation of a design classic

During her late creative phase, Olly Wendt, née Sommer, took up the figurine of the cockerel and presented it for the first time at a trade fair in 1963. Until 2021 this figurine was never a permanent part of the collection. But now his powerful cock-a-doodle-do has been given a voice.

In the video you can follow how the components that make up his body are turned and glued with care, and finally how our painters apply his coats of paint with a fine brush, layer by layer. It takes many skilled hands to bring this powerful design to life.

A maritime masterpiece

Figurative craftsmanship

The helm grasped firmly in his hands, a knowing smile playing on his lips and his eyes focused resolutely on the sea – this is how the helmsman Jan Kimm appears in our current collection. He was designed by Grete Wendt in 1959 as a special commission for an insurance company in Hamburg, from which he also got his name.

Discover in our video how this figurine is given his unusual beard, his characteristic stance and his equipment.

Fairy tale magic

Master craftsmanship

Autumn and winter are the time for fairy tales. In 1929 Grete Wendt also felt inspired to create another fairy tale design. This group of figurines depicts the scene in which Red Riding Hood approaches grandmother’s bed. Take a close look at how beautifully the wolf in grandmother’s clothing is portrayed. And the intricately painted decoration on the bed is also astonishing.

We have put together a detailed series of photos showing how our Wolf in Four-Poster Bed is made using the finest craftsmanship. Prepare to be amazed!

Enigmatic night owls

Masterpieces of figurative craftsmanship

In May 2018 a masterly trio of owls joined our collection. They are a reissue of figurines that first appeared in the company catalog for 1930. No other group of figurines from Wendt & Kühn combines perfection of form and color as impressively as these owls. The way they are painted is quite unique and makes them true masterpieces of figurative craftsmanship. An exclusive video shows the painstaking work that goes into their production and how the unique paint effects are achieved. You will be amazed!

How the deciduous tree gets its leaves

Masterpiece of expert wood turning

The deciduous tree has had a permanent place in our collection for many years. It forms, for example, the centerpiece of the “Children’s Procession” music box. The age-old form of the 6-inch-high tree gives a hint of the high level of craftsmanship required to turn it on the lathe. It takes years of experience and exceptional technical expertise to give to a rotating piece of wood this most unusual shape. It also requires flair and a feel for form.

This is the reason why in December 2018 the German Commission for UNESCO rightly added the art of wood turning to Germany’s nationwide inventory of intangible cultural heritage. In an exclusive video we show you how the delicate foliage of our deciduous tree is created through skillful turning on the lathe. You will be amazed!

How the Blossom Kinder come to life

Master craftsmanship

On the lathe, the flower messengers first receive their childlike form. Body and head are already recognizable. So that this still rough wooden cone can once become a delicate and smooth figure, she takes a bath in a kind of washing drum full of sandpaper. This process is especially important for the color to last.

Accompany the Wendt & Kühn flower children on their way from edgy wood to a magical collector's item.

Two magical worlds

A glimpse inside Wendt & Kühn

Enchanting, inviting and inspiring – Wendt & Kühn offers something out of the ordinary all year round. Both at the headquarters of its traditional manufactory in Grünhainichen and in the famous toy-making village of Seiffen.

Do you want to know more? This film gives you a brief insight into what you can experience in both our magical worlds.