Christmas tree ornaments

Winged boughs

An entire Christmas tree decorated with Wendt & Kühn
Christmas tree angels – the dream of untold collectors.
Yet also those who start small enjoy a generous measure of pleasure: Our angels exude just as much celestial charm
on a pretty Advent bouquet. This allows you to grow your collection gradually – and your bouquet right along with it, until the angels
can ultimately decorate an entire tree. Elegant golden bows attached
to the ribbons of the Christmas tree angels accentuate the regal
appearance of an Advent bouquet.

Christmas tree angel processions

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? With colorful ornaments? Or perhaps candles or popcorn and cranberry garlands? Wouldn't you love to see your tree decked out in all the seasonal glory of Wendt & Kühn? Our collection includes numerous Christmas tree ornaments ready to turn any Christmas tree into an absolute gem. Because the Grünhainichen Angels® not only love performing atop their Angel Mountains but also nestled among the pine branches. You can thereby draw from a full glorious diversity of celestial bodies: swinging in a crescent moon, perched in a star, riding shooting stars and comet tails. Grete Wendt first sketched these 8 cm (3.15 inches) tall Christmas tree angels back in 1926. At just 4.5 cm (1.75 inches) tall, the somewhat smaller Angel Musicians within the crescent moons are a particularly striking addition. Suspended angels, affixed to the tree branches by a golden thread, also afford stunning decorating possibilities. Meanwhile, our clip angels never fail to attract the eye and couldn't be any easier to clip onto a branch.