Hardworking house gnomes

Thank you

W ho is there who is not familiar with the chore of having to clean the house or apartment? The thorough spring-clean, the minor and somewhat larger repairs, and all the preparations required for a celebration – a seemingly endless succession of tasks. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you didn’t have to do them all yourself? It is here the busy little house gnomes from Wendt & Kühn really come into their own. They are the perfect gift for anyone who could do with a little help around the house, as a thoughtful house-warming present or a way to say thank you to a true friend who is always there to offer help and support.

Gardening with swing

This is how to make gardening fun. While the cheerful gardeners are hard at work cultivating their flowers and beds, they are accompanied by the gentle sounds of a high-quality Swiss 18-note musical movement. The German folk song “Ward ein Blümlein mir geschenket, hab’s gepflanzt und hab’s getränket” fits the scene perfectly. Whether or not you have green fingers, this 14-centimeter music box will delight keen gardeners, lovers of flowers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. It is also perfect as a musical thank you for any kind person who helps out in the garden.