Gold Edition

Keeping the sparkle

To ensure the prized luster of your Gold Editions will last as long as possible, there are a couple of care tips you should heed. As a precious metal, gold is particularly sensitive and reacts to its environment. Therefore, avoid touching your angels as much as possible when unpacking, displaying and storing them. This is also the reason why all our employees wear gloves when creating these works of art.

Try not to hold a limited edition angel by its gold-plated base but rather by its body. The Gold Editions with gray bases are best grasped around the base.

Should you nevertheless notice minor discolorations on any of the gold-plated elements, they are best removed with a soft dry cloth. Special gold cleaning cloths are not necessary and under no circumstances should you use cleaning pastes or detergents due to their corrosive nature. In addition, their moisture content would wear away at the wooden figurine.