To mark an anniversary

100 years have passed since Olly Sommer, later Wendt, arrived at the Wendt & Kühn workshops and matured into a highly talented designer. We are celebrating the anniversary of her joining the company with a reissue of a very special Olly Wendt design that she created in February 1925: The angel holding a golden heart and flower, whose petals can be used to hold a candle.

Glorious Berry Season

With baskets and jars brimming with harvested fruit, the Berry Pickers return from their foraging trip. They have collected sweet blackberries and plump round blueberries – perfect for snacking on, for baking and for making jam. And also for use in decorating! As a colorful complement to our Berry Pickers, for example. The small colorful fruits provide the perfect foil for our unusual trio and bring out the best in them. The Berry Pickers have been enthusiastically plucked back into our collection as of 2015.

Princess style

The Knitting Matron with the illustrious name, “Princess”, returned to the collection in May 2020. Her bright yellow dress is painted with translucent paint, giving it a real complexity of color. The striking ruff around the neck of this fine lady demands the finest craftsmanship. A high degree of work truly worthy of a princess. The unique design and form of this Knitting Matron makes an enduring impression, and not only on fans of fine knitwear.

Giving wings
to our dreams

The Dreamer, our new Gold Edition No 13, truly is a perfect dream. Accompanied by a little butterfly, it invites us to dream and encourages us to give our imaginations free rein. A wonderful gift for small people with big dreams, and for grown-ups who do not want to forget how to dream. And of course for all butterfly lovers, too, who are encouraged by this cheerful and carefree master of metamorphosis not to take life too seriously.

Courageous explorers

With their friendly demeanor and charming nature, this trio from Wendt & Kühn is perfect for all lovers of owls. And a wonderful gift for brilliant minds and bold operators, small eggheads and courageous explorers, too. As prudent counsellors in all situations, a source of wisdom in the workplace and with keen insight that will last forever.

105 Years of Wendt & Kühn

The Birthday Messenger

105 years of Wendt & Kühn is a worthy occasion for our really special birthday messenger: the Anniversary Angel 2020 with Spruce and Star. In one hand it holds a staff topped with a shimmering gold star that offers comfort and encouragement. With its other hand it protects a tiny tree, modelled on the spruce from the Wendt & Kühn logo. Each figurine will be identified with a special label on the underside of its base (with no limit to the numbers produced). This angel will be made exclusively during 2020.

The Anniversary Angel is on sale at Wendt & Kühn’s own stores in Seiffen and Grünhainichen and at your authorized retailers.

Cheeky little penguins

of figurative craftsmanship

From now on, three penguins will be making their grand entrance and joining the Wendt & Kühn collection. Olly Wendt, née Sommer’s, imaginative design for these cheerful little penguins brings these ever popular Antarctic dwellers to life as cheeky animal figurines who will waddle straight into the hearts of their fans on their large yellow feet. The really distinctive feature of the large and medium-sized penguins is their rotating head. There are also interesting parallels with the owls in our collection, in terms of the artistic interpretation of their plumage, which uses translucent paint to make their feathers look soft and fluffy. Exactly modelled on nature. 

New special exhibition

Talent – Fate –
A life’s work

Olly Wendt, née Sommer, started working as a designer at Wendt & Kühn in 1920, exactly one hundred years ago. The new special exhibition “Talent – Fate – A life’s work.” on display at the headquarters of the manufactory in Grünhainichen is dedicated to her life’s work. Numerous figurines, sketches, photographs and previously unseen documents, as well as artefacts from her daily life, offer insights into the personal life of a woman who worked side by side in creative competition with company founder Grete Wendt.

This special exhibition can be viewed daily from 10am to 5pm, with special measures in place in light of current circumstances. We regret there are no guided tours at the moment. Curator Marlis Rokitta has this to say: “Right now we can all do with the encouragement this woman gives us. Through painful times and long periods of anxious waiting she retained her optimism and strength of will, she focused on her work and she maintained her kind-heartedness at all times.” Click here for the full interview.