A Century of Eleven Dot Angels

In 2023 the green-winged heavenly messengers with their characteristic eleven white dots will mark a momentous milestone – and we’ll be celebrating with special promotions, unforgettable events, and of course, a spectacular product line. Discover all you want to know about the anniversary here.

Elegance and beauty

This set comprising a beautifully hand-crafted Blossom Child and delicate porcelain dish concludes the three-piece series, a collaboration between the Meissen porcelain manufactory and Wendt & Kühn.

Time for spring

These colorful figurines exude simplicity, goodness, joy and a feeling of security. Proudly bearing their flowers, they convey good wishes for birthdays, Mother’s Day, the birth of a child or indeed any other occasion when we wish to bring someone joy.

Discover the world of the Blossom Children

My Wendt & Kühn

Did you know that Wendt & Kühn that you can add your own personal inscription to selected figurines? That`s what our “My Wendt & Kühn” offer is all about: High-quality unique pieces, never to be duplicated again in all the world. A distinctively personal way to say “thanks”, extend birthday wishes or commemorate a baptism. The Grünhainichen figurines are always delighted to take on the role of a personable well-wisher.

The Composer

Gold Edition No 16

The notes the angel is holding in its hands appear to be dancing up and down. It embodies most impressively the magic that music generates. It awakens emotions without the need for words. But what is the melody hiding within the notes on the stave? With the first notes of “Happy Birthday”, the composer strikes up what is probably the best-known birthday song – to mark the anniversary of the Eleven Dot Angels and the birthdays of all their admirers. Lovingly fashioned by hand the figurine expresses the skill of the craftsman in creating an exclusive work of art. This angel will bestow on its owner the magic of music throughout their life.

This angel continues the range of unique pieces which now includes 16 figurines. The edition with the gold-plated base will only be manufactured this year and is limited to 22,222 pieces. This Gold Edition is available at both our ‘Worlds’ in Grünhainichen and Seiffen and from authorized retailers.

Enchanting heavenly messengers

We proudly present

The sight of these gorgeous Christmas tree decorations gives us a tantalizing glimpse into the future where we can already imagine how wonderful these angels will look on Advent wreaths, Christmas trees, Christmas floral arrangements and gifts. The figurines are available from our authorized retailers and from our in-house stores in Grünhainichen and Seiffen.

Berry Time

Recommendation of the month

With baskets and jars brimming with harvested fruit, the Berry Pickers return from their foraging trip. They have collected sweet blackberries and plump round blueberries – perfect for snacking on, for baking and for making jam. And also for use in decorating! As a colorful complement to our Berry Pickers, for example. The small colorful fruits provide the perfect foil for our unusual trio and bring out the best in them. The Berry Pickers are available from authorized retailers and our own stores in Grünhainichen and Seiffen.

Upcoming Events with Wendt & Kühn


The Wendt & Kühn World in Grünhainichen, located directly at the headquarters of the manufactory, is always worth a visit. Whether on a guided tour or on your own - you will get exciting insights into the craft and the history of the manufactory. Various events also await you here. You are cordially invited to spend beautiful moments, to be inspired by dreamlike decorations and to give pleasure to yourself or a dear person.

Here you can find our events

Flower power

Harmonious chimes

Two girls in summer dresses play on a meadow covered with bright, colorful flowers. White clouds punctuate the blue sky, and birds chirp as they fly past - it is a spring day straight out of a picture book. The scene is accompanied by the German song “Kommt ein Vogel geflogen”. This music box is an affectionate tribute to the warmer seasons. The scene can be enhanced by other small figurines, such as small birds or rabbits.


My Favorite Angel

100th Birthday of the Eleven Dot Angels

2023 will be the year of the Eleven Dot Angels: Grete Wendt designed the first green-winged heavenly messengers in 1923 and thus the 100th birthday of this design classic is approaching. 100 years of Eleven Dot Angels also stands for 100 years full of experiences, emotions and stories that are inextricably linked to our small heavenly messengers and that bring them to life. We would love you to share your angel stories with us. Here you can get more information about the campaign and send us your text.