Spring decorating tips

Sounds of spring

Music boxes from Wendt & Kühn look impressive not only when displayed on their own but also when combined with accompanying figurines that continue the story of the music box. Let yourself be inspired by the tableau before you. The scene on the music box with two girls can be extended by arranging other spring figurines around it. Using her small trowel, the girl in the pink dress has planted the flowers in the ground. Her gardening companion has laid down her rake and hurries up with the watering can. A butterfly completes the scenery perfectly. Give your ideas free rein and conjure up an atmospheric decoration for spring.

flower girl

After the dark winter months we all long for light and color. And as nature slowly awakens from her sleep we, too, can bring spring into our own homes. The Blossom Kinder from Wendt & Kühn are ideal for this – in groups, pairs or simply on their own, like the Girl with Christmas Rose shown here. Displayed on a wooden stool our joyful flower-bearing messenger has the perfect setting. The simple wooden background brings to life the color of her pink skirt with its delicate floral pattern of some 30 tiny white flowers, her dark green jacket and her cheeky copper-colored braids. With a lifelike drawing of a Christmas Rose placed behind her, you have the perfect eye-catching display in your own home, achieved with very little effort. Give it a try!

The splendor of flowers twice over

When Grete Wendt gave her joyful Blossom Kinder snowdrops, poppies and marguerites to hold, she took her inspiration from the flowers in the meadows around Grünhainichen. So, these figurines feel particularly happy when they are surrounded by real flowers. Place a vase of fresh flowers by their side – either a stylish bunch tied by a florist or one you have spontaneously picked yourself.

Spring in soft shades of white

No sooner has the snow melted than snowdrops arrive to delight us with their delicate white flowers. Many poets have fallen under the spell of these auspicious harbingers of spring and have dedicated stories and poems to them. And they have inspired us, too, to create a delicate spring arrangement. Beside the little Girl with Snowdrop we have placed a simple white candle that reflects elegantly the fragility and purity of the figurine. And as the Blossom Kinder from Wendt & Kühn are at their happiest when surrounded by real flowers, we have put next to the snowdrop girl a few genuine specimens of these bell-shaped flowers. Planted together with their flowering bulbs in a pretty basket, snowdrops bring cheer to your living room before you later plant them in the garden.

Spring melodies

Did you know that the repertoire of the angel musicians from Wendt & Kühn contains more than just Christmas carols? Surrounded by the first flowers of the year they also play cheerful spring melodies. Take a fresh spring look at our winged cherubs.

In the spotlight

Their simple, timeless design means that the Display Shelves go with any style of decor and offer endless ways of displaying your favorite figurines. Let your imagination run free and listen to the stories that the Angels and the Blossom Kinder and Friends tell you when you arrange them on the up to seven small disks. The sliding disks are moveable and provide creative space for ever changing scenes – with selected individual figurines, a big spring parade or a trio of musicians. Inspired by the season, a special occasion or simply to suit your mood. In these surroundings the Angels and Blossom Kinder from Wendt & Kühn will make new friends. And who knows perhaps among them there is a figurine from your childhood or even an old family heirloom – this way you can bring into your home part of your childhood and combine it with the stylish living we expect in the here and now.

Tone on tone

Have you ever tried using color to maximize the impact of your figurines? Simply place an accessory next to them that picks out one of their colors. Here, for the Boy with Tulip, we chose a gray-blue vase that makes a harmonious connection to the jacket of this flower bearer and creates a very successful overall impression.

Charming reminders

Who says that aide memoires should always be small, yellow, self-adhesive notes? These Blossom Kinder with Snowflake and Lily of the Valley are both doing their very best to take their place and to remind you to get some early flowering plants for your window boxes or garden.