A timeless classic –
the Eleven Dot Angel

Already a legend in their own lifetime, the unique success story of the Eleven Dot Angels is characterized by their elegance, design, radiance and perfect craftsmanship. 2023 marked the 100th anniversary of the creation of the first three angels with the eleven white dots on their green wings.

Their history

The Eleven Dot Angels from Wendt & Kühn enchant us with their childlike form and smiles. The first three angels saw the light of day in 1923, designed by company founder Grete Wendt as Christmas gifts for her employees.

And in doing this she broke new creative ground. In contrast to the traditional figurines made in the Erzgebirge that were often rather rigid, she gave her creations movement and dynamism. She managed to make her angels not only stand up, but also play music, walk and fly.

Design and form

Grete Wendt gave the Eleven Dot Angels their dynamism by using a new technique that broke through the symmetry imposed by lathe turned components. She cut the limbs of the figurines at an angle and then reassembled them, in this way giving them movement.

Movement, effortless ease and serenity are precisely the attributes that still describe Grete Wendt’s angels to this day and that make them much loved collector’s items all over the world.

Arranged as a large orchestra, they play the most beautiful music. But their playing also captivates their audience in smaller ensembles, such as a quartet or quintet. And they can also deliver heartfelt greetings and gifts for special occasions.

Would you like to find out more about our production processes? Discover how our ambassador for children’s rights is made.

Fans and collectors from all over the world have shared with us their personal stories about their favorite angels.

Displayed to perfection on an Angel Mountain

Your Eleven Dot Angels look their very best arranged on an Angel Mountain, in festive candlelight. You have two choices: you can either go for traditional wax candles placed in wooden candle holders with protective metal inserts and glass wax catchers, or you choose the more practical option with electric lighting. The electric lighting set is available as an add-on to the semi-circular mountains and is simply placed behind the Angel Mountain without Candle Holders.

What must you be careful of when using wax candles? You should always exercise the utmost caution when handling a naked flame. Our Angel Mountains are made from wood and can easily catch fire. As a safety measure, you should always place the glass wax catchers provided on top of the wooden candle holders, so that the flame never burns down to bare wood. Take care to ensure that the candle never burns lower than one centimeter above the glass wax catcher.