Miniature worlds

Advent decorating tips

Prettiest are the decorations which tell a story. And those which reproduce our big world in miniature – especially with a merry little twinkle in their eye. Our Marguerite Angels are perfect for this. Set these little helpers into a scene befitting them and in which their resourceful accessories add the perfect touch. Like these bakers on the kitchen shelf. One angel rolls out dough while the other decorates finished cookies. The Marguerite Angels certainly drew their inspiration from the tiny recipe books, which also create a unique pedestal for the figurines. With a few ideas and a little playfulness, imaginative decorations like these will help you make many great impressions all your own.

Musical figurine processions

Wendt & Kühn music boxes stir the imagination – whether showcased on their own or paired with other accompanying figurines to add to their story. Which figurines might that be? Simply let the scene itself inspire you. Many of the figurines you see on top are also available individually – including the trees which you can arrange next to the music box. An insider design tip: Always choose an odd number – as with a bouquet of flowers. The small pixies lend additional charm to the scene – as if observing Santa Claus hauling his huge sack filled to the brim with presents for all the children.

Winged boughs

Christmas tree ornaments

An entire Christmas tree decorated with Wendt & Kühn
Christmas tree angels – the dream of untold collectors.
Yet also those who start small enjoy a generous measure of pleasure: Our angels exude just as much celestial charm
on a pretty Advent bouquet. This allows you to grow your collection gradually – and your bouquet right along with it, until the angels
can ultimately decorate an entire tree. Elegant golden bows attached
to the ribbons of the Christmas tree angels accentuate the regal
appearance of an Advent bouquet.

Our Corner Angel Mountain models give you that much more leeway in attractively displaying your own grand orchestra to its best effect – they combine beautifully with existing mountains or will draw all eyes to a special shelf corner of your room.

Christmas stars like no others

A Christmas star on your windowsill – but like no other you've ever had before, thanks to the Wendt & Kühn Large Figurine collection. With its own practical stand, the Angel Musician in the star is ready to decorate any window without needing to be suspended. Although you still have that divine option as well – this angel naturally comes with a matching ribbon. These angels are approximately 30 cm (12 inches) tall and also come perched within a crescent moon or atop the tail of comet – celestial messengers of glorious size.