Summer is the time for gardening

During the summer months there are always new projects to be carried out in the garden and on the balcony – whether it’s planting the beds or working on the raised beds, arbor or garden path, the Gnomes are always busy little helpers. Arranged with “their” tools, such as small flower pots or mini greenhouses, they feel perfectly at home and bring the joy of the garden indoors.

More decorative ideas for the summer

Accents in boho style

Macramé, earth tones, natural materials and golden accents are all celebrating a comeback in “boho style”. It can bring a cozy atmosphere to your home, particularly in the summer, without being too overpowering. Our Gold Editions fit perfectly into this style. Display your favorite figurine with dried flowers, in macramé or alongside unusual storage containers or gold accessories, like the singing bowl pictured here.


A dream in pastels

Joyfully these two come together: The boy with the jaunty cap and smart shirt, the girl in a pink gingham dress, with her sun hat on her back. Proudly they present their flowers to the sun. Combined with pastel-colored crockery, a summery table cloth and flowers that pick up the colors of both Blossom Kinder, they bring summer into your home even on dull days.


All in a row

These colorful dried flowers can happily withstand hot summer temperatures. Colored flowers and dried grasses placed individually on a wooden block provide an unusual backdrop for your favorite figurines and create the perfect surroundings for the Blossom Kinder with their impressive flowers. An unusual idea for a summer table decoration that will provide long-lasting pleasure.


Colorfully arranged

The simply elegance of the “White Timbre” Edition has been delighting us since 2015. When placed in colorful and brightly patterned surroundings, in front of a wall of designer wallpaper for example, the figurines in this series create a stylish contrast. Let the puristic style of these green-winged angels musicians do the talking, and use your figurines to create a light and summery display on the dining table, sideboard or coffee table.


A delicious crop

This scene tells us that summer has arrived. It is not only the sun hat and fruit drink in the background that gives this away, but also the two Blossom Kinder in their summer clothes carrying their impressive flowers. They are placed in a bowl next to delicious berries crying out to be eaten. The wooden disc used as a stage is not only decorative, but also gives them a sturdy base on which to stand.


A great delight

At 92 centimeters high the Large Figurine Girl with Pansy is very impressive. Proudly she presents us with her imposing flower in pale blue, white and yellow, a beautiful complement to the pastel pink of her dress. A colorful eye-catcher that can bring the feeling of warm summer days into your home – well beyond the summer itself. ⁠


Are you interested in the figurines from our decoration ideas?

These are available from specialist retailers and in our own stores in Grünhainichen and Seiffen. Take a look at our retailer directory to see which specialist store is near you.