For knitters, air guitarists and passionate cooks

Gift ideas for (almost) every hobby

Are you looking for a personal gift that reflects the hobby of the recipient? Our angels accompany their owners everywhere, with the appropriate accessories: To the rehearsal room, the sewing studio or the kitchen. They always have with them their instruments, toys, cooking utensils or handiwork. There is something here for everyone.

For music lovers

Our Grünhainichen Angels® with instruments delight all music lovers, both as solo artists and band members. Select the appropriate instrument and then put together a band or even a whole orchestra. You alone determine how often our world-famous musicians will put on either intimate or major performances.

Enigmatic night owls

With their friendly demeanor and charming nature, this trio from Wendt & Kühn is perfect for all ornithologists and lovers of owls. A wonderful gift for brilliant minds and bold operators, small eggheads and courageous explorers, too. As wise counsellors in all situations with a keen insight that we sometimes lack, or as a source of wisdom in the workplace.