Dazzling Gold Editions

The Gold Editions from Wendt & Kühn are absolute masterpieces. In this series of elegant figurines, the accessories of selected Grünhainichen Angels® are plated with 24-karat gold - first in 2007, and annually since 2009. The clef, the heart and stars gleam and shine. In order to ensure that the precious luster of your Gold Editions lasts as long as possible, it is important to follow a few tips on their care.

Their history

The form of the angel musicians goes back to 1923, when Grete Wendt designed her first three Eleven Dot Angels. She created them as Christmas gifts for her employees, one carrying a torch, and the others playing the trumpet and violin.

Over the decades more enchanting figurines appeared - with instruments and with gifts offered by these heavenly messengers. But always dressed in the characteristic white robe with the blue line around the collar, and with the traditional green wings bearing eleven white dots.

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Limited editions

Since 2009 the limited Gold Editions have been a particular highlight. These precious limited editions have an extra feature - a gold-plated base. Produced in strictly limited numbers and presented in an attractive and numbered splinter box, they have become sought-after collector’s items and exclusive gifts. Created for admirers who treasure the extraordinary.