Inside the
Christmas Bakery

During the Christmas season the aroma of cookies and gingerbread hangs in the air. The industrious Marguerite Angels merrily decorating the baked goodies and mixing fresh eggs, sugar and cocoa powder into chocolate icing on the stove. And because they take so much pleasure in this work, they feel most happy when surrounded by their baking utensils. Therefore, arrange these little bakers to set the scene in front of a colorful gingerbread house or an old-fashioned cookie jar – as if they just finished creating their masterpieces. Pastry cutters, anise stars and cinnamon sticks also make for appealing holiday settings.

The pixies are ready

At the beginning of December at the latest, the time of reflection, secrets and surprises begins. Our pixies are ready to conjure up a magical Christmas atmosphere. Do you know someone who could do with a bit of help from the pixies with the Christmas preparations?