Presents to make everyone’s eyes light up

Wendt & Kühn pieces are gifted more over the holiday season than at any other time. Angel Musicians take their place in the great orchestra, with a music box or an organ – possibly featuring a personal dedication – while shared memories last a lifetime. Richly Painted Angels decorate the festive rooms and the diligent Marguerite Angels arrive just in time to help out Santa Claus. Enchant your loved ones at Christmas time with treasures big and small from our range of products.

Unique Christmas presents

True classics

Some of the angels are well-known for their characteristic green wings featuring eleven white dots, others for the delicate floral wreath that adorns their heads. The Eleven Dot Angels and the Marguerite Angels have one thing in common, however: they are true Christmas classics and have been capturing people’s imagination for decades. Make your loved ones feel warm and fuzzy inside by gifting them one of these sweetly smiling angels.

Simple elegance

There could hardly be a more traditional theme but it is the modern design of this minimalist crib scene that continues to delight enthusiasts and collectors to this day. The figurines are vibrant and colorful yet straightforward in design – the ideal gift for Christmas, to which additional figurines can be added each year. Discover more about how Grete Wendt’s design came about.

Christmas star

It’s traditional during the holiday season to place a poinsettia – or “Christmas star” – on a windowsill. The Wendt & Kühn Christmas star is not a plant, however, but a large figurine. Thanks to the practical stand, the Angel Musician in the star will adorn your window without needing to be suspended. If, however, you prefer to suspend the angel using the matching ribbon, this also looks divine. Please note that the angels, which are around 30 centimeters tall, are also available seated on a crescent moon or the tail of a comet.

Angels wearing Crowns

The angels wear their golden crowns with pride, while their red dresses swirl around their knees. In their hands, they hold festive treats, candles and instruments. These graceful yet cheerful and childlike messengers from heaven enchant music enthusiasts and lovers of stylish Christmas decorations alike. The Angels wearing Crowns weave their magic each year and come in five small and two large designs.

Christmas tree decorations

Take inspiration from the incredible range of Wendt & Kühn tree ornaments. These tiny heavenly messengers are suspended in golden rings and on crescent moons, they ride stars and comet tails. Another eye-catching choice are the clip angels. Perched on a metal clip, they readily clasp onto any branch of your Christmas tree. If you’re looking for a Christmas arrangement to give as a gift, these angels will certainly make a statement.

Golden gleam

With their long, flowing robes and golden floral crowns, these Richly Painted Angels have a dainty and elegant appearance. The highly detailed painted design of the dresses and wings is impressive and, at 17 centimeters tall, they make a stylish statement when placed on a sideboard or shelf. The angels are available in a range of dress colors.

Skillfully staged

Christmas tree decorations aren’t just useful for making your tree look amazing. Traditionally, having Eleven Dot Angels and Marguerite Angels in your tree makes the holiday season a little more wonderful. However, on Christmas Eve, these heavenly messengers ready themselves for their big entrance – when they themselves are given as presents, creating a sense of anticipation for next year’s Advent decorations, or are clipped onto the ribbon tied around the presents to embellish them.

Hardworking pixies

The time for reflection, secrets and surprises begins no later than the start of December. Our lovable pixies are ready to conjure up a magical Christmas ambiance. Do you know anyone who needs a little extra help from our pixies in the run-up to Christmas? These cheerful fellows are already looking forward to their next task.

Divine music boxes

The timeless, beautiful music boxes from Wendt & Kühn bring together gentle melodies with lovable figurines such as angels, Santa Clauses and their hardworking assistants. They tell festive tales full of harmony and love and the sound from the music boxes is powered by quality Swiss music works. Gifts that captivate – for a lifetime.

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