Christmas gifts

Spreading joy under the tree

For people who give from the heart, it’s undoubtedly the most beautiful moment of the year: Seeing the eyes of those they love all aglow as they can finally open all the beautifully wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree which have tempted them for so long. Small and big wishes come true, sometimes a surprise or two even heralds the beginning of a brand new passion.

No other occasion in Germany sees more Wendt & Kühn given as gifts than the “celebration of love”. More room is made for new Angel Musicians in the grand orchestra; music boxes and organs – some even with personal inscriptions – keep memories alive for a lifetime. Richly painted angels grace festively decorated rooms and the industrious Marguerite Angels turn up at just the right time to lend a welcome hand to Santa Claus.

Regardless of which treasure you select out of our celebrated Wendt & Kühn collection, you’ll always be giving in good taste!

The pixies are ready

At the beginning of December at the latest, the time of reflection, secrets and surprises begins. Our pixies are ready to conjure up a magical Christmas atmosphere. Do you know someone who could do with a bit of help from the pixies with the Christmas preparations?