To welcome a newborn
to the world

Does the stork really deliver babies? This is a question that everyone can only answer for themselves. What is certainly true is that the Stork from Wendt & Kühn has taken on this wonderful role. And so this long-legged bird brings the greatest personal joy to new parents, to proud grandparents and to the latest addition to the human race.

Gifts to mark a birth or a baptism

The personal touch

Ganz individuell lassen sich mit den Margeritenengeln in weißen Kleidern und den sonnengelben Buchstaben zur Geburt oder Taufe persönliche Botschaften oder der Namenszug des Neugeborenen gestalten. Sanft lächelnd stehen die Margeritenengel bereit, um zu überraschen und zu erfreuen. Sowohl die Himmelsboten als auch die Buchstaben stehen auf speziell gefertigten Sockeln und lassen sich so besonders gut zusammenfügen. Kleine Blüten darauf begleiten die Szene.

A touching scene

The Marguerite Angel and child sit affectionately side by side on a bench, with the angel reading aloud. It is a scene that radiates love, calm and affection. This pair of figurines, which can be inscribed on the underside of the base if you wish, is a wonderful gift for someone you would like to have an angel by their side – on the birth of a child, a baptism or for any other occasion. This figurine is available with either a girl or a boy sitting on the bench.

A gentle melody

The wall clocks from Wendt & Kühn enchant us with their timeless beauty. In this yellow wall clock, a small blonde girl surrounded by five birds joyfully greets the day. In the blue wall clock, by contrast, a Marguerite Angel hovers over the Earth under a starry night sky, stretching out a protective hand over the village and over the sleeping child below. These clocks with their beautiful symbolism will hopefully work their magic for a lifetime.

Are you interested in the figurines from our gift ideas?

These are available from specialist retailers and in our own stores in Grünhainichen and Seiffen. Take a look at our retailer directory to see which specialist store is near you.