Let the numbers speak for themselves

Anniversary gifts

These grand numbers – in the truest sense of the word – let you individualize the celebration of your love and convey very special congratulations. Adorable little children come bearing instruments, lanterns and flowers to congratulate the happy couple.

It might be a 25th wedding anniversary or the celebration of a company’s 10th year in business or even commemorating the first day you met – our number youngsters are eager to help you personally orchestrate any red-letter day.

For lovers

For wedding anniversaries

“By chance we meet, we feel, we stay, and bit by bit we’re tightly bound” – these words from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe could not describe more aptly what the bond of marriage means for two people. And memories of the day when they both said “I do” will remain with the couple for the rest of their lives. A wedding anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this special day anew, year after year. The Loving Couple under Arch with Three Doves conveys with real feeling the message that love can last forever. As love is as colorful and multifaceted as life itself, two women or two men also walk side-by-side through the beaded arch. On request, our painters will inscribe it with a personal message, the name of the recipient or a date, in beautiful hand-painted lettering.