When company founder Grete Wendt designed the first three angels with green wings and the trademark eleven white dots in 1923, she could not have imagined that 100 years later connoisseurs and collectors from around the world would still be fascinated by those Angel Musicians, whose ranks have since grown to over 80 orchestra members. Just like the Eleven Dot Angels, who charm with a wide variety of accessories, they have become legends “in their lifetime.” Grace, design, charisma, and perfection in craftsmanship have contributed to this one-of-a-kind success story. Celebrate anniversary year 2023 with us!

A charming greeting

Happy Birthday

Four of the angels have practiced long and hard in order to serenade themselves and their friends at the 100th birthday celebrations. Composed of two violins, a cello and a double bass, this quartet enchants not only their fellow Eleven Dot Angels with their merry playing, but from now onwards their admirers and followers all over the world, as well. And in particular birthday boys and girls of all ages. You can view and share the clip here.

To the clip

Greetings from all over the world

Best wishes

The Eleven Dot Angels have fans and admirers all over the world. And we received lots of lovely messages from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia for their 100th birthday. The result is a film that takes the viewer on a virtual tour of the globe and illustrates the gift that these heavenly messengers have to touch people’s hearts in every continent. On behalf of the Eleven Dot Angels we wish to thank you for all these heartfelt birthday wishes!

My Favorite Angel

Touching Stories

100 years of eleven-dot angels also stand for one hundred years full of experiences, emotion, and stories that are inseparably linked with these small heavenly messengers, giving them life. As of now, we have received over 900 letters from people sharing their angel stories with us.

Of course, we are very happy to continue hearing about your personal favorite angel. We regularly add new contributions to the collection. Here you can click through the touching tales and send in your own story.


Timeless classics

Eleven Dot Angels

With a shape, expression of form and delightful musicianship all their own: The captivating Angel Musicians from the Wendt & Kühn Workshops. The first of their kind came to life on company founder Grete Wendt's drawing board in 1923. And with that, she broke new creative ground. In contrast to traditional Erzgebirge wooden figurines, which often came across as rather stiff, she infused her sketches with a dynamic vitality. She had the talent and ability to transform her angels from motionless pieces of wood into glorious creations bursting with life and music. She did this by adopting a revolutionary new technique which casts off the production-related constraints of symmetrical woodturning: She cut the limbs for her figurines at angles and then reassembled them again thereafter to give them an exuberance of motion. Sprightliness, carefreeness and merriment are still the exact same attributes characterizing Grete Wendt’s angels to this very day and which have turned them into such treasured collector items the world over.