My own personal treasure:

Three steps to an utterly personal treasure

Step 1
Select the article you wish to personalize for your occasion from those pictured below.
Step 2
Let your thoughts run free and formulate words directly from your heart. Double-check that your ideas can also be realized: The permissible colors and maximum number of characters are precisely predefined so that Grete Wendt’s artistic intention and integrity will be carried through even to our personalized items.
Step 3
Place your desired order with your trusted Wendt & Kühn specialist dealer who will forward it directly to us.

Please note that the key for winding the music box organ may partially obscure the individualization.


Organ with 36-note Musical Movement

Height 15 cm / 6.0 inch

Rear of organ, beside the key
blue lettering, 3 lines with up to 12 or 13 characters
Rear of organ, beneath the key
blue lettering, 3 lines with up to 18 characters
Type specimen
Please note that the right to return an item does not apply to products that have been personalized.
Figurines with a personal inscription cannot be exchanged or refunded.