Eleven tips to show you how to decorate
your table with love

A lovingly and beautifully decorated dining table shows that you have put both thought and effort into it. Our tips will transform any table into a congenial place to spend time together.

1. All served up

When setting the table, choose the table linen carefully to match the occasion as it will contribute significantly to the ambience. If you are using particularly good crockery and flatware, you will need a fine tablecloth, one made from linen, a linen blend or damask, for example. Instead of a tablecloth you can use a runner or place mat to decorate your table.


2. Everything in its place

Place mats or chargers are not essential but they can be particularly eye-catching. Chargers in gold or silver add a touch of class, while place mats in bright colors or made from rustic materials like straw, bamboo or slate create a more cozy, relaxed atmosphere.

3. Crockery in all shapes and sizes

Round, oval, square, traditional and white, modern with colorful patterns, smooth or textured – the choice of tableware out there is endless. In addition to the traditional dinner service, you can now combine crockery using the mix and match principle. This gives you infinite ways of using it creatively. As a general rule, when choosing crockery you will find that simple shapes give you the most options. You can, of course, supplement simple basic tableware with extravagant pieces.


4. Glass and flatware on parade

In addition to fine china, flatware and glasses complete the look of the table. Setting the table correctly should not only be reserved for festive dinners, the proper placement of glass, knife, fork and spoon for the family breakfast creates a harmonious start to the day, too.

5. Napkin chic

Cloth napkins give the table an elegant look and also show your guests how much they mean to you. Skilled hands can fold them into bows, swans and Christmas trees. But napkin rings, ribbons and Wendt & Kühn’s napkin holders, joyful angels perched on simple grey pedestals, can also be used to keep them in place. In this way our heavenly messengers can deliver floral greetings and delicious treats, and at the same time bring a magical touch to any table.


6. A pinch of personality

Hand-written place cards or menu cards provide not only a useful guide for your guests, they also lend personality to any dining table. You can of course choose a beautiful font on your computer and print your place cards instead. Try out different materials for your cards – from fine paper to natural materials like wood and stone. You can even use leaves or fruit to write on, such as an oak leaf or a pomegranate. Or, fasten the card to a sprig of rosemary or lavender with a pretty ribbon or a piece or twine.

7. Flower power

Flowers are as numerous as they are varied and offer endless options when it comes to decorating. Depending on the time of year or your preference, flowers, leaves, grasses and fruit are all wonderfully eye catching – both as a splash of color with simple crockery or as an exciting contrast to a table runner. Whatever you do, restrict yourself in your choice of flowers to a few varieties and if you are making several posies keep them similar in design.


8. Go for maximum impact

By using vases and candles of different heights you can create exciting, dynamic table decorations. When putting them together, make sure that the vases all have a similar shape, color or pattern. The candles should also be of a similar size and texture. Take care to ensure that people can still see those sitting opposite them.

9. The changing seasons

Nature not only brings us delicious things to eat, but also beautiful things with which to trim the table. When decorating, allow yourself to be guided by the seasons. In spring use early flowering blooms and pastel flowers on the table, in summer decorate it with colorful flowers and lush greenery, and in autumn use the bounty of chestnuts, acorns, beechnuts and colorful leaves at your disposal. Even in winter nature provides us with decorative elements such as twigs, cones, nuts and moss.


10. Less is more!

Even when you need to make your decorations more lavish for a festive occasion, remember: less is more! Limit yourself to two to three colors and a maximum of three different elements, otherwise the decorations will take up too much space and the table will feel over crowded.

11. Fine dining in the open air

When the sun is shining it is also fun to meet up, chat, laugh and eat together in the open air. Using our tips you can just as easily decorate with love the table in your garden or on your balcony. And for a picnic with friends and family, the meadows and trees in the park provide not only a beautiful setting but also the appropriate decorations. Simply swap your fine china and flatware for more robust tableware, and your cloth napkins for paper ones. Young and old alike will be delighted with the Goodwill Children or the Birthday Parade on the paper napkins from Wendt & Kühn.

You can find further inspiration for your festive table on our Pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.de/wendtundkuehn/stilvolle-tischdekoration/.