For darlings of fortune

Good luck charm gifts

It took a long time for the girl in the crisp white dress to find this four-leaf clover – but her radiant delight tells us it was well worth it! She’s now ready to wish those close to your heart good fortune in your own name! Whether there’s an engagement or a wedding, an important exam, an academic achievement or the move to your first home – all these special occasions can be made really personal  with figurines from the “My Wendt & Kühn” personalization service. From this year, the Girl with Four-leaf Clover can also be used to deliver a message straight from the heart. A bearer of good luck to accompany someone you love, because you can never have too much luck.

A star by your side

It is said that if you see a shooting star you get a wish. But it will only come true if you don`t tell anyone what it is. Here at Wendt & Kühn we have simplified this for you. For anyone who wishes to give a very personal star as a gift, our little Marguerite Angel is just perfect. Stars provide fixed points in our lives and they show us the way. When we reach a new stage in our lives, perhaps passing an exam, moving to a strange city or starting a new job.

Good luck charms

Everyone creates their own luck is a well-known saying in Germany. And yet there are moments in life when we can all do with a certain amount of luck. For help in an exam, at the start of a new stage in life or on particular days. And especially in situations when good luck seems very far away. It is then that the angel with the golden four-leaf clover is close at hand. And to guarantee the success of its mission, one of the painters at the manufactory is ready to inscribe the base of the figurine with a personal message in beautiful hand-painted lettering.